The Canadian Diamond Certificate

Uniquely yours. Ethically mined. Not all diamonds are created equal.
Find out if your diamond is truly Canadian.

What makes a diamond Canadian?

Canadian Diamond

Canadian diamonds were forged millions of years ago in kimberlite pipes deep beneath the earth. Pushed to the surface by volcanic activity, they're found in only a handful of mines, all of which meet the highest environmental and ethical standards.

Every certified Canadian diamond comes with:
Canadian Diamond Certificate
Unique diamond identification number
Maple leaf, inscribed
Independent Grading Certificate

Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct

Only diamonds that adhere to the strictest guidelines in the world meet the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. The certificate validates that the diamond has been mined, cut and polished according to the highest environmental standards, and to the principles of sustainable social and economic development in northern communities. It also certifies that the diamond meets the exacting requirements of the international Kimberley Process.

The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct was created in collaboration by:

  • Canada
  • Canadian Jewellers Association
  • Jewellers Vigilance Canada
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Trace your diamond

Here, you'll find your diamond's entire journey from its mine of origin through the cutting and polishing process. You'll also find information about its rough and final carat weight, clarity, colour and cut grade. And validation of whether it's authentically Canadian.

Below, enter your unique identification number. You can find this number on the certificate. Or on the diamond itself: laser-inscribed and visible through a microscope.

Diamond I.D.